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Statues In Stores This Week – 9/6/17

Here are some of the superhero and supervillain statues and busts in stores this week!

Marvel Gallery Black Panther Statue

Marvel Gallery Black Panther Statue Diamond Select Toys

The king of Wakanda is now part of the Diamond Select Toys Marvel Gallery statue line. This is the Marvel cinematic version of the character, wearing his sleek and stealth vibranium-laced costume. The Black Panther statue stands 6 inches tall and is a great addition to your Marvel statue collection!

DC Bombshells Harley Quinn Deluxe Statue


DC Bombshells Harley Quinn Deluxe Statue DC Collectibles

DC Collectibles presents this deluxe addition to their popular DC Bombshells line of statues! Harley Quinn rides a skull-tipped missile to destruction with the chaotic style only she can exhibit. She holds in her left hand her special gun to ward off any pursuers who might divert her disaster-prone mission! This incredible statue stands 14 1/2 inches tall, which includes the base. Bring this stunning piece of art to your shelf today and add Harley to your DC Bombshells collection!


Icon Heroes Flash TV Flash Bust


Icon Heroes Flash TV Flash Bust

This dynamic bust from Icon Heroes features the Flash from the Flash TV wielding lightning bolts of his own making, ready to use them against any upcoming threat he may face! The Flash (a.k.a. Barry Allen) wears the costume as seen in the TV show, worn by actor Grant Gustin. This bust is a great complement to anyone’s DC TV universe collection!